Covid-19 Alert level 3. April 27th. This week we will review our appointment waitlists. We will offer limited appointments for skin surgery and examinations very soon. Appointments will meet the requirements of Worksafe NZ, Rolleston Medical Centre, and the advice of the Skin Cancer College Australasia.

If you have a lesion or mole that is of great and immediate concern, please contact us. Please include your contact details, a brief description, and a photo. We will respond as soon as possible. Dr Peter Ryan.

Useful Links

Melonoma New Zealand are a registered charitable trust devoted to issues relating to melanoma.

DermNet NZ – providing facts about skin and skin cancers.

SunSmart – for learning more about being sun smart.

Melanoma Patients Australia - Melanoma Patients Australia is a support organisation providing support groups and information about basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas and skin cancer.

Cancer Society of NZ - for all you need to know about the prevention and treatment of skin cancer in NZ. The Cancer Society of NZ offers information to health professionals, students and people with cancer.

Niwa – for UVI forecasts for your region

Southern Cross