Covid-19 Alert level 4. We have cancelled our current bookings for examinations and surgery and we will be reviewing our cases for urgency. Our current patients will be contacted about this. If you have a lesion or mole that is of great and immediate concern, please contact us. Please include your contact details, a brief description, and a photo. We will respond as soon as possible. Dr. Peter Ryan.

Skin Cancer Treatments

Surgical procedures range from basic skin biopsies to advanced skin grafts and skin flaps. 

Your skin surgery will be performed at Rolleston Medical Centre, in a purpose-built, fully equipped operating theatre. 

Medical Treatments

Non surgical treatment of skin cancers is also available. We prescribe topical medications, such as Efudix, Aldara and Picato and educate in their use.

Liquid Nitrogen Freezing

Liquid nitrogen is used for superficial lesions, such as sun damage or small warts. Sometimes, it may be used for larger or deeper lesions. By freezing the skin, a controlled "burn" is made. This stimulates a healing response by the skin, sometimes a blister forms, this is quite normal. This treatment does sting at the time of application. The frozen tissue starts to break down in 2-4 days and will look at its worst, while underneath, new skin is forming. Generally, in 7-14 days if cared for properly, the new skin appears.

What to Expect Following Cryotherapy (pdf)

Selwyn Skin offer a total Skin Cancer treatment service