Skin Cancer Examinations

Full Skin Check

This is a 30 minute visit where we will give you a head-to-toe skin examination. Recommended if you have a history of skin cancer or numerous moles. We can answer questions about any spots you are worried about and we will show you what to look for – changes in the size, colour, borders or shape of the mole. A chaperone may accompany you.

Cost: $176.00

It is helpful if your skin is make-up free for optimum examination.

For all checks we use dermoscopy and where necessary record digital images. A summary of assessment, diagnosis and treatment is sent to your GP.

Mole Assessment

Ideal if you would like a single mole/lesion checked. This takes 15 minutes and we are happy to check up to three moles/lesions.

Cost: $76.00

Selwyn Skin offer a total Skin Cancer treatment service